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Game designed by: François Dumont, Paolo Enrique, Cassinelli, Casey O'Brian, Kenneth Castro, Alexandre Monzen, Diego Castellanos, Paola Felix.


Game produced as part of the Cross Cultural Impact Jam 2022, by Games For Change.

What happens when seven people representing four countries and four language groups are brought together by fate to create a game? They talk about language barriers.

MeowBark is an interactive fable with a positive message in which empathy and dialogue are used to amplify voices and break down barriers.

2nd Prize


Game designed by: François Dumont, Timothe Lafond, Daniel Haselock, Patricia Becerra.

Game concept produced as part of the Creative Game Jam on Language 2023, University of Montreal and Tshakapesh Institute. 

Selo Divovi means The Village of Giants. According to Croatian legends, the Divovi are benevolent Giants who, in exchange for food, help humans in their daily tasks. 

Others, on the other hand, are less well-intentioned. You crossed the path of a peculiarly humorous Divovi who, for his own amusement, has locked you up in his village. Your only hope of escape lies in your knowledge of the Croatian language. 

Can you meet the challenge of the Divovi?

Selo Divovi

Game designed by: Patricia Becerra, Gilles-Alexandre Boisclair, Andrew Burns, François Dumont, Timothe Lafond


Game made for the Montreal Game Jam 2023

Experience the start of it all, the milestones that we achieved and the struggles along the way.

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