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WOF cover art paint Final.jpg

Best Indie RPG

Dreamhack Anaheim 2020

Ubisoft Indie Series 2019 finalist

Wheel of Fate is a turn-based RPG offering a dynamic gaming experience; using Artificial Intelligence for vast replayability. The mechanics of the Wheel create endless possibilities as the world, story, and Fate transform around you.


The year is 2888.

Corporations now preside over  humanity's destiny.

Beyond the stars, brave pilots take command of sophisticated Mechs, leading humanity into a bright future.

I spent last night in an abandoned car; my last meal was a can of cold mushroom soup. Today, who knows what lies in store for me? I’ve been on the road ever since the whole world went to hell. It’s a hard life, but it sure beats being holed up in one of those government refugee camps. The zombies are bad enough without also having to contend with disease and theft; so I struck out on my own, traveling where fate takes me, determined to live on my own terms.

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